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NMC Properties understands that it is a disconcerting time for students. The Government now requires individuals to adopt social distancing measures henceforth in every element of our lives, in order to keep everyone safe.
Please see guidance below that may provide some clarity on how NMC properties will carry out both urgent and non-urgent repairs with a safe and secure approach to Covid-19.

To help break the possible transfer of the virus NMC properties will observe the following:

  • be aware of any student tenants that maybe self-isolating in their rooms where the risk of contamination is higher and ensure to call ahead prior to any repairs taking place to check if anyone is self-isolating;

  • change into work clothes when arriving on site;

  • change back into personal clothes when leaving a site;

  • wash hands between jobs with soap for a duration of 20 seconds;

  • use gloves, masks and goggles

  • if possible, use overshoes.

NMC properties will not enter any rooms where students are self-isolating.

Alternative repair solutions will be considered, in scenarios where students are in self-isolation. These will be appropriate and safe.

  • All emergency repairs will take priority. If tenants contact us about non-urgent repairs, we will take details of the repair and schedule only if there is availability.

  • If we are due to carry out a repair in a property, we will introduce an additional safeguarding measure by calling ahead to check if any tenant is self-isolating. If the repair is non-urgent, we will make a judgement on whether it is best to re-schedule the repair.

  • If the repair is urgent then we will still call ahead and ensure that extra precautions can be taken if necessary, by wearing the correct protection, before entering the property.

  • Following recent government updates, we will try to minimising face to face contact where possible and instead use email and telephone to communicate.


In order to ensure that repairs are efficiently managed as possible, we would like to outline to all tenants as to what constitutes as an emergency repair.

An emergency repair will be addressed immediately as it poses as a risk to health, safety or security.

This could be:

  • A gas leak or dangerous electrical fault;

  • Major damage to structure of the property;

  • A serious security problem, such as unsecured entry points to the property;

  • The loss of essential services, such as water or electricity.


Any pre-arranged appointments for non-routine repairs will be cancelled and re-arranged at a later date.



NMC Properties guidelines for entering the student’s room;

  • Knock on the door 3 times clearly and at the appropriate noise level.

  • Announce who we are whilst knocking e.g. “Hello this is your Landlord/Contractor etc.”

  • If a tenant responds please enquire as to whether they are fit and well. Do not automatically enter the room. If they respond that they are self-isolating, please enquire about their well-being and establish whether the tenant need anything but do not enter the room and keep your distance.

  • If the tenant has reported an urgent job and they are well, then the correct personal protective equipment needs to be worn.

  • If you come across the tenant and they are well, check whether it is convenient to enter the room.

  • Where there is no response, open the door slightly and again announce who you are. In the event that the contractor enters the room it is apparent the tenant is using the en suite facility, please leave immediately, record and report this occurrence.

  • For your own safety and security of the students ensure the door is wedged open when you are in the room, however, should you not have sight of the door, please close it.

  • Whilst in the room personal effects and belongings should only be moved where necessary.

  • On leaving the room the door should be shut and locked.

  • It is best practice to leave a calling card or note confirming that you have been in the property with a simple explanation as to why.

  • The property will be secure before the contractors leave.


Please refer to the below links if they have any further queries:

Official information

Official Government Guidance

NHS guidance


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